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About us

  Eat nature  Feel nature  Harmonize nature 

2MISTLETOES is the Yakuzen vegetarian café in Naramachi Nara city.
There is a garden in cafe space, and you can have a lunch and a café time in the garden. also, you can look at the garden from table of the inside. you can eat a healthy food and feel nature here.

*Yakuzen is healthy food of Japan. using Asian herbs with vegetables of the seasons. make with five elements (Yin-Yang and Five elements, 5colors, 5tastes) based on Asian medicine.


“Vegetarian YAKUZEN Lunch” 1260yen(tax included)

Our Lunch “Vegetarian Yakuzen Lunch” is Ovo vegetarian. can change to vegan(+50yen)
We do not use any meat, fish. But, the egg is only quail eggs boild with asian herbs and soy sauce.other dishes are all vegan. can change to vegan(quail eggs → vegan balls +50yen)
We serve handmade dishes using fresh vegetables of the seasons, mushrooms, seaweeds, asian herbs, tofu, beans, grains, and nuts. based on Asian medical concept (Yin-Yang and Five elements)
The food of the seasons and well-balanced meal are good for your health.


can change to vegan(quail eggs → vegan balls +50yen)
vegan balls
included mix grains, turmeric. chewy baked vegan balls.

*Photo is only a sample.
*Our lunch menu is this plate only.
*Lunch menu is changes every week and changes the menu of dishes in the seasons.

+ Asian herb tea 1500yen(tax included)
Can choose herb tea
+ cake & Asian herb tea 1750yen(tax included)
Can choose herb tea & cake

Please enjoy our vegetarian Yakuzen Lunch time.


Yin-Yang & Five elements


Our cakes are all Vegan.
We use soymilk, tofu, beet sugar, maple syrup, whole wheat flour etc…
We do not use any egg, dairy, refined sugar. We serve handmade cake using fresh fruits and Asian herbs.

Cake set 880yen(tax included)
Cake + asian herb tea

Asian herb tea 600yen(tax included)

We have several kinds of herb tea menu.
You can choose the asian herb tea to your health and feeling.
Herb tea is all original blended. Only Asian plants.

Green Tea Set  750yen(tax included)

MATCHA or SENCHA with MOCHI(rice cake)


can choose MATCHA or SENCHA.

MATCHA is the bright green powdered tea used in the tea ceremony.
SENCHA is green leaf tea. One of three primary Japanese green tea.

This is not the tea-ceremony experience to do in a tea-ceremony room.
We do not teach manners of the tea ceremony.
And, there is no tea-ceremony room.

Our Green tea set is very casual easy style.
You can enjoy the green tea set of this casual style in the our garden.

Other drinks

Espresso       single 360yen double 410yen
Café Americano   hot 460yen iced 480yen
Cappuccino      hot 490yen iced 550yen
Café latte      hot 500yen iced 550yen
Soy latte       hot 520yen iced 570yen
Soy cappuccino   hot510yen iced 570yen

Green Tea
MATCHA(green tea) latte     hot 650yend iced 700yen

Chai latte
Asian medical herb chai latte    hot 620yen iced 670yen

Homemade organic plum syrup juice    hot 600yen iced 650yen

Spring, Autumn → wed-sun
Summer, Winter → sat, sun, holidays

Please check → Calendar

Hours 12:00-17:30
Lunch L.O. 14;30
Café L.O. 17:00



Address: 13 Nakashinyacho, Nara →google map
Phone 0742-22-1139